Only If

The point of the knife would feel so right on her heated skin


Only if she pushed it deeper


The pills would had made her forget how she feel


Emotionally and Physically numb she hoped to be


The fire that would have burned her skin


Only if she had ignited the flame


The burning sensation she would feel


Only if she had some alcohol to drink


The vibe of flying she would sense


Only if she took drugs that would kill


The wind hitting her face


Only if she jumped the bridge


The train she would have been under


Only if she took that last step


The rough rope that would have choked her


Only if she moved the chair


The tears that fall from her eyes day and night


Shows the pain she tries to hide


The facade of smiles and laughter


Are only for display


She wonders to herself everyday


But there is no explanation


She only ends up with


ONLY IF.... </3


Remember Me

Where did you go?

   Why did you leave?

       Will you ever come back?


Were the times we had nothing?

Do you miss our game time?

When we use to dance?

            Where did the memories go?

Down the drain, mixed with other forgottens…..


Do you remember me?

The color of my eyes?

My heartfelt laughter?

Do you think I’ve grown taller since you last saw me?


If asked if I remember you the answer is yes……

Your brown eyes… Dark brown eyes

Your bald head, that I fervently tried to shine to perfection….

The Tiger necklace with the missing ruby… You know the one that I’d hit every time i ran into your arms for a hug…

And the fading spades tattoo….

I also remember you toothy smile...That I’d never forget since its always due to inheritance


I wish you would come back…

But that may only happen when you remember me…

Please remember me