Forbidden Midnight

*******Love At First Sight******
“Children, children, on your beds you go, and quiet down.” As I tried to settle the kids after a day of play time “STORY TIME!!” The kids yelled excited for what is to come.The moon is set on my quilted rocking chairs from the medium size window. ‘Perfect’ I say to myself ‘Just perfect.’
“Tell it, Granny La”, one rascals say in a soft but energize voice, as I sit down. “Okay, Okay.” The words come out in an irritated way. “What time does the clock say little rascals?” The words came out in a squealing, matter as the kids yelled out in excitement “10 O’clock!” ‘The clock strikes 10 that's when the story begins.’ Making myself chuckle as the thought ran through my head. “ Children you need to settle down right now or no story at all!” One rascal points out, “Granny La u promised!! Every tale is at 10 O’clock.” Air enters my lungs and quickly leave when I speak. “I will tell this story if u settle down, now quiet all of you.” A quick and loud “Yay!” left these rascal mouths.


****The Conspicuous Night of Lana- Del- Ray****

Midnight blue hair, light skin tone, green eyes and 17 years of age, Lana- De- Ray was exquisite and amazingly beautiful with a boyfriend to call her own......
“Ooooohhhh!”, The rascals amusingly said...
His name was Cross- Van- De- Kamp....
“What type of name is “Van- De- Kamp?” A rascal mocks out loud. “What kind of name is yours? Now Hush and listen. Now where was I...?
“Lana- De- Ray and Cross- Van- De- Kamp dated.” A rascal reminded me. I continued from there....
Dated 2 years till a handsome, hazel eye, brown skinned, ladies man interrupted their love. His name was Lundine Rodrigo. But he was a killing masochist, he came to the only opened bar at 10 O’clock....  
“Aaahh! It’s 10 O’clock Granny La he going to kill us!!” All the rascals yells out from under their secluded cover. “Shush! Now let me finish dang it!” The words quickly left my mouth. In many whispers they all say “Sorry.”
Lundine Rodrigo walks in the bar, behind him the door creaks as he enters. Sounds of laughter and little commotions fill his ears, many people drink and relax.
“Drinking what?” The question surprised me so thinking of something quick I said “Water.” the thought of me not watching what comes out my mouth cross my mind. Quickly I continue the story....
Lundine walked to the chair attached to the bar, Lana notice the young fella and took his order.

******Cross Jealous Rage*****

Lundine’s eyes roams her being as orders a beer.
“Is that all?” asked as she indulges the sight in front of her.
“Yes, I’m afraid so, unless there is anything else you can offer?” Lundine speak with ease causing her to blush deeply.
“Umm, we have fr-fries if that will satisfy you? Lana stutters in her southern accent.
While laughing at her reaction he said, “Yes I might as well have that while I am here.” She noticed his laugh was deep which made him even more handsome.  Walking away to get the order she was back in a matter of minutes, “Here you go sir....” He started to notice her in a different way.
“Has anyone told you your hair exquisite , the way it flows down your back. It reminds me of a waterfall at midnight as the moon shines down on the dark water.” Lana cheeks bloom as the words sinks into her brain, and she stare into his hypnotizing eyes.
As much as Lundine loved looking at her he felt eyes burn through his skull which caused him to turn to see intense eyes staring at him. “I believe someone is watching us...” Lana follows where his eyes meet and see her boyfriend looking at them annoyed and somewhat crazy. Lana’s face expression changed quickly as her Cross strided towards them.  She rapidly jumped over the counter and held her hand out in defence. “Cross, don’t jump to conclusion, this isn’t what you think!!” Cross was outraged, he paid no attention to her. His eyes bored into this unknown mans. The attention they got would have been embarrassing if they weren’t so focused on each other. “Uhh I think I should go. See you another day Lana.?” She would have turned but someone grabbed her arm.

****I SAW YOU****

"YOU ARE GOING TO SIT HERE AND TELL ME NOTHING WAS GOING ON! LANA DO I LOOK STUPID TO YOU!" The words hit her as he screamed. He scared herwhen he was angry, she usually ran but she couldn't she kust couldn't. “Nothing happen, it was an innocent conversation. Cross stop screaming, you know I love you and only you.” Lana words were sincere and she hated when they fought.
“So tell me is blushing part of an innocent conversation? Hmm Lana answer me that?!?!” Cross put her on the spot. She looks down remembering what he said.
“I-if you let me ex-explain then you will know.” His erratic breathing made it hard for her to concentrate.
“Oh my, Lana don’t lie to me. I will know if you’re lying. You are mine Lana, no one else's. We are meant to be together and you know it. Do not take me for a fool, if you leave me I will be the only imbecile in town who can’t keep a women. You are not to see him ever again! You will regret it if you do!” He wanted to get his point across so he done something he done before. Lana was stunned, her face hurt as her head whipped to the side as Crosses doing caused her pain.
You promised to never hit me!!” She ran out the house across her grassy yard. The words “You will regret it if you do!” rang through her head as she made it to a place she calls her own. There was a waterfall with water oh so clear. The moon shined upon it and she looked in the water. Her face was red, her tears fell in the water a figure appeared near her. With sorrow in its eyes. She wasn’t scared because she recognized who it was.
“Lana don’t cry, what happen?” The voice soothed her but when the hands of the man touched her she flinched away. He turned her face to his and saw the red mark. Inside Lundine was angry but she saw enough anger tonight, he presumes. kissing her face, she relaxed so he took advantage and went closer to her mouth. Their lips suddenly locked and they kissed with passion. He laid her on top and the sound of her whimpers and his heavy breathing filled their ears. Soon they were together fully, and darkness covered them as they slept......


Lundine and Lana have been seeing each other for months. What started out as an affair turned into a love that neither of them knew would happen. Cross knew what had been going on but thought she would stop but when she didn’t he had something in store for her.
“I Love You” The words fluently fell off her tongue with meaning. She looked up at the full moon and remembered when they first made love under the full moon.
“I Love You Too my dear beautiful Lana.” Lundine drops a kiss on her jet black hair. He loved her soo much. Lana sighed and rested her body on her mans chest. “Why must you sigh on a beautiful night?” His voice confused. “I just wish we could meet in the day thats all.”
“Soon but I couldn’t bear if he hurt you. Or even killed you. He is psychotic he will harm you in many ways.” “You can’t criticize him, yourself love to kill people slowly and painfully just to entertain yourself!!” She stated angrily. He sighed heavily, “I am sorry, You are right but you mean so much to me. I couldn’t bear if something happen to you. You must go my dear, I will see you tomorrow.” He kissed her passionately, “Another round I suppose?”  He chuckled as he got up he pulled her up as well. “Tomorrow it shall be.” ….
As she walked in the house she walked to the stairs, thinking her husband was asleep. When she reached the steps, a sharp pain hit her backside. She collapsed and gasped for air, her husband had a knife and came close to her, he stabbed her once again and twisted the knife. She screamed and screamed, she called Lundine's name for help. “Shut up he won’t save you but he will see you die!” He picked her up and they went to the waterfall. He laid her down and called Lundine's name. He wrote a note and left it near her. The full moon hung in the sky and the light washed over her. Cross spit on her and left her there, noises from another direction came close and a thump was heard. “LANA, LANA, ANSWER ME, COME ON LANA!!” Lundine’s words came out in a cry. “I love you Lundine. And NOTHING CAN KEEP US APART NOT EVEN DEATH.” Those were the last words he heard as she died, her blood enter this pool of water.

Lundine you wanted her, but you can’t have what's dead. She will rot and soon you will too. I hope you hurt just like I did when you stole her from me. Since I can’t have her neither can you.  FROM CROSS.


Lundine grew sad but when she said “NOTHING CAN KEEP US APART NOT EVEN DEATH SHE MEANT IT.” Every night he would
go there and she waits and they will sit through the night and laugh and love each other. But on the night of the full moon her cries were heard and the pool of water was a pool of blood and the moon shined on the spot she laid on and died on. Lundine killed Cross and no one grew suspicious of Lundine. At times just for Lundine, Lana’s spirit took control of a human body and they would swim and walk around as if it nothing happen. and even for their unfortunate event they lived a happy life.