I squirm to catch my breath as the spirit that binded me and my family awakened. The sounds of crackling fire. Bright red, all the screaming. The smoke smothering me, blinding my sight. Twigs under me cracks, my head jerks back to look at the horror. My heart aches with every breath i take, my limbs grow numb from the struggle to get away. Whispers in my head say "Let the fire consume you. It is time." That's when the heat devoured me.


Wind blows, the sun looks at me welcoming me to its warmth. The sound of child laughter reaches my ear. Spinning to search for the sound, gray clouds appear upon the sun. Burning flesh reaches my noise, screams ring in my ear. 

Air quickly enters my lungs as Naomi jumps up from her sleep, "Girl are you okay, you can't be sleeping at work you gonna get in trouble." Naomi looks around and see herself in her cubicle. Rubbing her eyes she stands and stretches, "Yea sorry, I'm fine. What time is it?" Her great femnine friend Josiah spoke with happiness, "Its almost five come on clock out remember whats tonight." Naomi looks at him weirdly, "Yoo girl it is you Birthday, We are going to party tonight." He jumps away but starts to walk with an attitude when bitchy Brianna comes by. Naomi sighs and turns around, 'Could my day get any worse.' Putting on jacket on I start to walk, Brianna stood right in front of me with her hands in the stop placement. 

"Hold on birthday girl, why you in a rush."  Heat rushes through Naomi as Brianna touches her shoulder.. "It isn't  like you have someone to go home to." Pushing past her the last thing she hears is her heels clicking away. Finally reaching the elevator Naomi feels eyes burning into her, looking around no one is there.The elevator door opens movement near her causes her to jump.Looking to my left a guy appears close by which causes her to jump. 'Shit he scared me. Why he is dressed like he is a stalker wow people these days.' He looks up and they meet eyes, there was something different about him. As they enter the elevator he watched her with much interest, she know curiosity killed the cat but helplessly she couldn't help but poke around in his thought. 

'How can't I find her, where can she be I need to find her. What was her name Naomi yea that's what it is. Out of everything about her I remember her lavender smell.' He looks around and sniffs the air. 'Could she be the on, she smells just like it, I need to take her. Naomi needs to be mine. There is something definitely odd about her.' His nose scunches as he sctaches his head. He shifts alittle, and moves closer which causes me to hold my breath. Suddenly the elevator stops and causes me to jumps. 

"For the love of god" He lets out a deep sigh. 'His voice , I heard it before its like music to my ears. Wait what am I talking about sheesh.' Looking up we make eye contact again making her train of thought go off track and caused her to stare at his deep and piercing blue eyes. He tapped her shoulder asking if she was okay. Coming out of my trance he spoke swiftly with his hand out."Hi my name is Derek." Her hand reaching our quickly shake hands but when they touch an stimulating shock passed through them. Extracting her hand back she retreats to the corner. 

"Do you work here? Or were you here for business?" She shifts her bag to her right shoulder.

"I was actually looking for someone. Her name is Naomi, do you know her by any chance." He looks at Naomi roaming his eyes over her, the lights flickering made her shiver. Quickly speaking Naomi claimed she didn't know her.  The elevator finally moved caused some relief. As the door open Naomi raced out not looking back, hearing something fall she didn't stop,once outside she got a cab.



I Just Need


While exiting the elevator her I.D drops, picking it up Derek notice she lied. 'She must know my intentions. Naomi Latimore, I need to find her before the others find her.' Walking over to the front desk a brunette sat there. "Excuse me miss can you help me." Combing his finger through his hair he clear his throat. When she looked up her face was priceless. 'I hope she can help me.' She adjusts herself and asks what she could do for him.need help with. 

"Do you know a Naomi Latimore I have a package for her." She had a questionable and a disappointing look on her face. Turing her chair to the computer she type in her name, a page pops up with Naomi picture and address. The printer turns on and she hands the paper to me with the information. 

"Thank you, umm Bridget." Taking the paper, he whistle as he exits the building. Once outside many eyes looks and glances towards his way, this one girl catches Dereks eyes. 'She seems like she haves enough energy, for me to drain from her.' Walking towards her a tap on her shoulder made her jump, and squeak. 'Must be surprised that I want to talk to her.' "Umm H..hi. I'm Joyce." She says as she sticks her hand out. Taking hold of her hand he kissed her, which made her blush.

"Hello I'm Derek. How is your afternoon so far?" Putting his arm around her waist, entering her mind, Derek planted an idea that they were lovers and we should go to her apartment. She starts to relax and lean on his broad chest, catching a cab they rode to the apartment. 

The moment the door opens her jacket was removed as kisses led from her cheek down to the crook of her neck. 'I should let her relax alittle more.' "Joyce why won't you get us some wine." She quickly looked as him with love in her eyes which isn't real. As she got the wine Derek removed his shoes and his jacket. He moved to the couch and reclined himself as he breathed slowly. A strong  aroma of lavender hit his nose, but the her was siddetracked when wet kisses were planted on his cheek and lips and neck. Grabbing Joyce he unbutton her shirt slowly skimming his fingers along her skin. Joyce arched her body into upon his palms. Extracting his hands she turns and kisses him deeply, teasing her lip with his tongue she opens up causing their tongues to entwine. Gliding his hands along her body he then unclasps her bra. Derek grins as he admires her body,"Go in to the nearest room and lay there" She nods her head quickly with a smile from ear to ear, she skip to her room like a bunny that he's going to attack. Walking towards her room Derek leave a trail of clothes on her floor, hearing her gasp made him chuckle. 'She must never had a man my size, even though I am not like any other guy.' "You look sooo hot." She said as her hands trailed along her breast down to her wet canal and back up. She does the come here motion, making him walk to her with hunger and lust in his eyes. She reaches up and kisses me hard and forcefully, returning the favor Derek roughly grab her hips, opening his mouth, their tongues fight and entwine as they kiss fiercely. A growl comes from deep inside of him as he kisses and nibbles on Joyce's neck. Her pulse is beating so fast and looks so good to bite. Soft hand stroke my hot erection, traveling his eyes downwards she pushes her hot pussy on my cock. With an evil smirk Derek pushes in and go deep in one swift move. This causes her to gasp and moan loudly as she grabs the sheets roughly. Taking deep strokes, her pussy clenches and unclenched, pounding fast she lift her hip to take him all in. Joyce moans and groans tell Derek she loves what he is doing. Changing my angles he hit her g-spot, making her back arch deeply, he keeps pounding away as Dereks features change. His eyes turn to a black pool,Dereks face sharpens when Joyce opens her eyes she screams. Her struggling make it even more fun, even though she occasionally stop since they are still fucking. Her eyes roll back as energy is taken from her, her pulse slows down slowly.  Close his eyes as a rush go through his veins, but all movement stops when the smell of lavender whips across Dereks nose. Oh how he wished he did not turn around. His sweet innocent Naomi stood at the door way shocked and looked very, very scared. Removing his body from Joyce as he slowly walked towards Naomi with my hands out, when he goes to speak she collapse on the floor passing out.

Naomi P.O.V

'Before I go home I should get some groceries.' Tapping the window the driver slows down and turns around. "Can you please take me to the market please and then drive me to my apartment, I am willing to pay for extra if you would wait for me?" The driver grunts "Sure I wouldn't mind." He turns around and starts the car as he drives to the market. Naomi's phone rings and she looks at the caller id and see its her ex boyfriend calling, she huffs and picks up the phone. "What do you want?" She answered dryly. 

"Well nice to hear your voice too. What are you doing for your birthday honey?" Brian says happily. Naomi feels a flame start up in her. " First of all you are the last voice I want to hear. Second it is none of your concern what I am doing for my birthday. And third of all I am and will never again be your honey so get that out of your head. We broke up we are done with, remember I creep you out and I am a disgrace to the human race. So on that note goodbye and stop calling me." She angrily closes her phone and stuff it in her bag, looking ahead she notice the driver looking at her in curiosity. " Umm miss is everything okay?"  

" Yes everything is just fine thanks for asking though." She say with a fake smile. " Well you are here well at the market." Naomi hand the man some money as she gets out. "I will give you the rest when I get back. Okay?" The driver takes the money and his eyes widen. " Yes absolutely okay with me." Naomi get out of the car and goes in to the market. ' So we need milk, eggs, pancake mix, bacon, cheese, cake or brownie mix, ice cream or some other treats, yogurt, waffles. I thinks that's about it.' Looking around she starts walking towards the dairy isle when a kid comes crying and running towards her.  

"HAVE YOU SEEN MY MOMMY. I CAN'T FIND HER!" The kid screams and looks terrified. Naomi doesn't know what to do, she looks around but then gets an idea.  

"Okay look why don't we walk around and you describe her to me okay how does that sound?" She put on her best smile hoping it would convince the kid to stop crying and at least corporate. "I guess so, will you hold my hand?" The kid sniffles as they walk towards the dairy isle once again.  

As Naomi picks up the milk, yogurt and eggs the boys describes his mother."Well my mom is shorter than you, she haves burgundy, she wears glasses because she can't see well. My older brother was with her, she had black boots on with blue pants and a baby blue shirt. She haves a small black purse with her and it haves her name going across it."  

During all of his talking she has gotten all of her groceries and is now at the cashiers. Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. "Tommy where are you!?" Turning around quickly Naomi sees the lady he described and grabbed his hand. "Can you wait one second? I have to bring this boy to his mother." She tells the cashier as she run towards the women, stopping and looking at the women she reminds her of her mother. " Umm miss I believe I found your son." The boy looks up and runs to the women smiling and hugging her legs. She looks at me with thankful eyes and is smiling as she cries.  

"Thank you soo much, thanks for watching my boy. I hope he wasn't any trouble." She smiles as she rubs her sons head. "No Tommy wasn't any trouble at all, we actually had a calm time as we shopped, I have to get going and your welcome." Walking away I quickly go to the cashier and pay for the food, speed walking to the cab I feel as if eyes are watching me but I shake the feeling off and go into the cab. 

"Sorry I took so long, do you remember the address I gave you before?" She asked as she puts the bags to her left. "Yes I remember, are you ready to go?" He took my silence as a yes and put the car in drive and made his way to my apartment. It didn't take long for us to get there as he parked, Naomi handed the driver the money and exited. Rushing up stairs with the bags, she got the mail and headed to her apartment. Once at the door she heard moaning and grunts. 'Why did I choose to live with a horny pre-adult. Damn Joyce, I'm not gonna ruin her fun damn now I can't start dinner.' Opening the door slowly Naomi tip-toes towards the kitchen, as quickly as she can she puts the groceries away. Taking her jacket off a scream makes her drop everything in her hand. Running to the room the sound came from she see her friend back arch as a guy pounds into. Naomi looks at the mans back and is in a daze at how his muscles flex and the movement of his body. 'Oh damn, that is just WOW! I would switch places with Joyce as long as its with that guy.' Naomi sigh at her though knowing that would never happen but then she blanks out as she sees her friends eyes roll back and her body becomes rigid and a scream leave her mouth, but the stranger covers her mouth quickly. Her mind is suddenly pulled into the strangers thought.  

'Wow she haves a lot more energy then I thought. Feel great draining the life out of her. Oh how I wish I was with my dear Naomi. I can smell her sweet lavender scent, its as if she is near me. Wait a second.' Naomi gasp and tries to move but her body won't let her, he turns and when she sees his face a sudden pull goes through her body. ' Why do I feel this way, he is hurting my friend please god don't let me die.' Once he turns around he stiffens and remove himself from Naomi's friend. Naomi sees him walking towards her she wants to move but her body is telling her to stay. He walks towards her with his hands out as if she might run, when his mouth is about to open everything goes black and she blacks out.

(Unconscious Flashback)

"Grandma why do we have a oak tree in our backyard?" The little girl asks as she sits on the grass. The grandma sighs and pats her back, as she gets up slowly and starts to walk. "Come my child and I will show you do not be scared come on." The girl runs to her grams side and looks up. " Will there be a surprise at the tree grams. I hope there is I love surprises!" Her grandma laughs and picks her up and kisses her forehead and her two cheeks.  

"My dear darling I have something to tell you and you must listen no matter what. Okay?" The girl looks at her grams curiously but nods, she was then put down and they were in front of the tree. The grams clears her throat and says "We have a tree because it was said from my ancestors that it will keep a family out of harms way, the leave will fly off when danger was near. But the difference from other oak trees and this oak tree is that this oak tree make other things as well. When something good is going to happen it blossoms or makes apples." The girl giggles and runs around the tree laughing with joy. Leaves start to fly off but the girl doesn't notice, the grams looks around with a worried look. "NAOMI COME HERE NOW HURRY!" Naomi runs to her and they make there way into the forest and hide in a trail they only know. Smoke fills the air and Naomi is scared sound of twigs cracking and leave ruffling make her shiver. "Naomi follow the trail and don't look back please my dear listen and don't look back. Go, go now please!" Naomi runs she hears a guys voice asking my grams where the girl is. Naomi stops but then starts running again as she looks back she sees the trees cover up her path. She trips and falls the smoke makes it hard for her to breathe, she hears sounds but voices in her head cause her to not pay attentions. 'Let the fire consume you. It is time.' A figure come in front of her the last words she hear are "My sweet and beautiful Naomi." she blacks out.  

Her consciousness was coming back to her, the throbbing in her head made her groan and she heard sniffles and felt hands rub her head. Naomi felt calm and comfortable with the hand touching her.  

"Naomi honey please wake up. My sweet Naomi." A mans voice whispers to her, she starts to remember and her eyes bust open. Pushing anything and everything out of her path she puts her back to a wall and looks at the man next to her friend Joyce.

Joyce was the first to speak, "Please, calm down, he didn't mean any harm. Can you come to me please." Naomi switched her eyes to this mysterious guy and back to her dear friend. She starts to walk but stops when she sees the guy moving towards her with her hands out. A force of gravity pushed her towards him and when they touched she felt calm and happy, something she hasn't felt in a long time. But dark thought came into her mind as she was sucked into his mind.  

'Finally I have her, shes mine and the philosophy can be fulfilled it was foolish for her brother to deny what he knew what will eventually happen. I will never let her ago, never ever again.' She gasped at the thought of him knowing her brother. She pushed away from him and brought pain to his head, he howled as he fell to the floor holding his head. She went to her friend as she kept her eyes on him, she felt her features change a bit.  

Naomi's eyes changed from gray to a dark pool of blue, her teeth sharpened and a growl deep in her chest ripped out. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!" She scream as she picks her friend up and brings her into the room and lays her down. She hears shuffling in her living-room and quickly goes back, he is now standing and he looks so evil and angry. "HOW DARE YOU USE YOUR POWERS ON THE FUTURE KING, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST." At his quickest speed he had her against the wall but his mood settled as he looked at her, his hands are on her throat as she looks at him with no fear. In a blink of an eyes both of them are standing in the garden she played in her hometown, she smirks and then disappears. "SHIT!" He yells as he demolished a tree.






Pretty Garden
Pretty Garden

The Stuff That Happens

Derek P.O.V

"Shit!" Derek exclaimed as he knew he was miles or even sates away from his destined mate. He is bewildered at how she was able to use her powers, especially on him. 'This is unfreaking believable, where the hell did she learn to teleport. How am I suppose to get back. Hold on why do I sound desperate I am soon to be king of the underworld. I am not to sound like a fucking bitch watch when I find her it will be hell to pay. Wait a sec...' The scent of the garden that surrounded him was ooh soo familiar. She brought him back to where they first met. The day her parents died is the day he found her on the floor gasping for air and whithering like a fish out of water. He remember the transformation and how painful it was to here her scream in agony. He stared at the roses where she once laid.....


He heard the heartbeat of a human, but the scent drove him crazy. He followed it as if it was his meal, he hid as he saw the beautiful girl running and the trees cover her path. Following her quietly he wanted to make sure no other demon found her. He smelt so many around this area, for some reason he knew the area was enchanted with a spell. Derek brought his attention back to the girl, as he followed the sound of her heartbeat went faster and faster. Her wheezing and gasp for air made him run to her to help her. She fell and turned on her back, she whithered they made eye contact for the first time. At her side now he held her head as her eyes rolled back. At first he thought she was a mere human but her body temperature rose higher and kept increasing. She open her eyes one last time then she passed out. Derek panic thinking she was dead, running to the lake he called for his father, a mist of black ash surrounded them. They were now in a room that had dim light, his father approached him. 

"Get up boy. Why have you brought a human here, you out of all people should know that is not allow!" His father voice boomed, it caused the room to tremble but Derek was not afraid. 

"She is no mere human father she is changing shes a hybrid, half-human half-demon. She is my mate as well." The last part came as a whisper but the screaming caused them both to snap there attention to the girl.  

"IT HURTS MAKE IT STOP PLEASE! I'M BEGGING U MAKE IT STOP IT BURNS! ITS REALLY REALLY BURN!" The girl scream and Derek ran to her side at once. Turning to his father he saw the sadness on his face. Derek knew who to call.  

"MOTHER HURRY PLEASE COME HERE. QUICK." He yell and in a puff his mother was by his side. She looked at the child in empathy, knowing just how it felt since she was a hybrid as well. Speaking softly she said, "Child what is your name?" While holding her hand she sent calming sensation though her body. "My name is Naomi, please help me." She gasp and the mother went to the bathroom and the sound of water echoed in the room. Nomi started screaming as her back arched her fangs grew, her skin complexion darkened a-little. Her clothes burned and her skin looked like leather, she was now naked in the hands of her beloved mate. Her screaming went on sounds of her bones cracked as her bones changed into a sufficient structure. The mother silently walked in. "Bring her and put her in the tub now son be careful her bones are still structuring.  

"Mother what is this to do?" He carefully put her in the tub and saw the color change and steam rose from the water. The screaming of his soon to be wife stopped, he was relieved. His mother sighed and rub his back."Son it is to make the change easy and less painful, my friends mom made the potion but I never used it, I waited for the day to come for when you found your mate. Do not rush her into the marriage she haves to get use to herself first, once she changes back you will have to leave her for a while. Or else she will never be yours, am I understood?" He nodded as he looked at her and saw the peace on her face....

The sound of a gun cocking brought him back to reality. He slowly turned around to see a guy holding a gun way to close to him. "What are you doing here Derek. You are not allowed here since you took my sister from me." Slowly he grinned and turned around to see his eyes dilating, the trees start to move and trap Derek in between. Putting the gun away he walks to him wit a questioning look. "What are you doing here?" He asked as he stand staring. Derek sighs and looks around. " Well your sister dropped me off and poof away leaving me here stranded. But how are you Josh, I heard your wife had her child? Right?" Josh face was in shock at how his sister could teleport and how he knew about his wife. 

"My wife is none of your business and explain how she did that?" Before Derek could answer a cough was heard from behind Josh. They simultaneously turned looked at who coughed and saw it was Josh's grandmother. She came up to Derek and the trees let him lose, grabbing his hand she pulls him but first smacks him and starts to walk with him to the house. Derek speechless and shocked at her action but didn't dare hurt a friend of his mothers. Once at the house she cleared her throat and pulled out a bowl and put water and flowers into it. She murmured words and the water had ripples and a pictures appeared in the bowl. It showed Naomi and her friend Bridget sitting.....

Naomi P.O.V

"That son of a Bitch!! How dare he come into my house and use my friend and tries to tell me what to do. He may have scared me before but he messed with the wrong girl." Naomi scream and paced back and forth as Joyce watched her. Joyce stood and placed her hands on her friends shoulders and sighed. "Naomi stop please this isn't you talking, the demon is just getting to you. Don't let it take over just breathe go to your happy place. Let the human consume you." Joyce pleaded as Naomi eyes were turning to a deep red. "Do it for me I still need you." Naomi eyes quickly looked at her and nodded as she breathed slowly and her eyes changed color and her body temperature lowered to a reasonable temperature. Once she was calm tears started seeping through her eyes as she remembered where she dropped him off, she even remembered the scent of her brother. Her eyes widened when she realised her brother is alive. Naomi saddened when she notice her brother may be in danger. "Why does this have to happen me! I try so hard to run from my other life." She heard a scoff next to her. As she turn she saw her Joyce standing with a evil smile. She started clapping her hands, Naomi looked closely at her hands and saw sparks in between the claps.  

"Sorry Naomi but I have no choice anymore. You see if you hadn't interrupted me and Derek's time, I would have had him under my control. Joyce stated as she stalked towards Naomi. "Sorry to break it to you this way but as you can see I'm a witch. Oh and I killed your family, the people had no choice but to obey. Surprised, I hope not." Joyce threw an electric ball at her, Naomi barely past it. Her skin heated up and as her once good friend cackled and laughed, Naomi's growled. Her eyes turned purple instead of red or black, looking up at Bridget she stopped laughing and terror was in her eyes. "This... this can't be, you can't be.... NO,NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! YOU NEED TO DIE. I AM SUPPOSE TO BE QUE...." Her words died out when she realize what she was about to say. "YOU WILL DIE VERY SOON THIS ISN'T THE LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE ME!!" Joyce disappeared as Naomi lunged at her, she screamed loud and didn't care who heard. 'No you will be dead.' Naomi walked into her room as she packed herself a bag and looked in the mirror as. She was naked but it didn't look like it, her body made another layer that looked like a leather suit and it made her skin tanner or darker. Naomi was so mad, she was determined to find her brother and to kill Bridget no matter what. But when she thought about Derek she just couldn't get the image of love, lust, and worry that was planted on his face. She closed her eyes and thought about when they first met, but stopped when her brothers scent flew across her nose. Opening her eyes she see three pair of eyes looking at her. But once pair of eyes stood out as they were red, and burned with anger but with a hint of happiness. Arms suddenly wrapped around, it caused mixed emotions to swirl around in her. But out of no where her head started to hurt and she pushed her brother off and fell to the floor screeching as her hands flew to her head. "MAKE IT STOP!!!"

Unknown P.O.V

"You are so fucking helpless how am I suppose to rule with that in my way!" Bridget shakes as she looked at her master angry eyes, he walks towards her with clenched fist. "Well are you going to answer or shall I kill you. Pick one?" Bridget looked up and and she still walked backwards. "I had her but she changed and then she disappeared I don't know where to but I promise to find her. I will find her." She quickly said it.  

Her mastered smiled and his fist unclenched, he then sighed and pat her head. "Good girl you better stick to your promise. Now you know what to do." She smiled and stood up. "Can I do one thing?" He nodded, she murmured words and a echo of screaming ran through the room, she stalked towards him and started kissing him. ' I can't wait to be queen. Everyone bowing down to me and doing my will. And this bastard will die on my account but not just yet...' As she looks deep in his eyes her hand snakes down to his sweats....

Derek's P.O.V

"What the fuck!!!!" The words echoed through the room 


The Reunion

Derek's P.O.V

"WHAT THE HELL?" The words echoed through the room. He speeded towards Naomi as she shook slightly. He panicked not knowing what happened to Naomi. "What just happened?" He yelled in a demanding tone. "You need to lower your voice boy, move out of the way." He stared at Naomi but obediently moved away. Her eyes snapping open brought relief to Derek. She gasped for air as her eyes darted around this familiar room. "Naomi, are you okay?" She knew that gruff voice and her head turned to its direction. Her brother stood on the left side of the room.Hiding himself in the dark corner he watched their actions.

The room filled with lavender as his love sat on the floor breathing heavy. His thought soon got lost in her sweet smell, he pictured them together fully making love. 'Soon all of her will be mine. Patience is all I need.' He felt an urge to go to his belove queen but he knew he had to stay put. "Wha... No this can't be real... You are dead... THIS ISN'T REAL!" The panic and pain in her voice hurted him to his very dark soul. He felt useless that he cn't comfort her. "No we are very much alive, calm down we have much to discuss but...." Grams words were cut as Naomi ignored her. "After all these years and not once did you think of letting me know you two are alive. Out of all people I expected better from. I can't even call you my brother, you were the one to help me. BUT YOU LEFT ME THERE ALONE, SCARED AND NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL I AM OR WHY!?!" Derek felt her anger, he shifted and tried to put up a wall to block the emotions she shared with him. His concentration is soon shattered as her movement towards him had him at dismay. When looking in her purple eyes he saw anger, sadness, and oh soo much confusion.

A hint of love was their but it soon disappeared as she spoke."Why are you suddenly showing yourself in my life? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" Her closeness made him stiffen and his voice was stuck in his throat. He was speechless at how she remembered him and at her demanding tone. 'A queenz she shall be soon. She already know how to demand for things she want. It makes her incredibly sexy as well. Her purple eyes just are.. wow just stunning.' His thoughts were messed up when a sting came across his face. "I am talking to you, if you can think about me then open up your mouth and speak to me. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME AND WHY HAVE YOU COME BACK?" She planted her hands on her hips as she spoke. He was mad at how she dealt with him. Before he could speak a small voice was heard, "Derek think about what you are going to say okay." He totally forgot Naomi's brother and Grams were in this dim lit room.


"What is this place? Where am I?" She saw a figure walking towards her, a woman with a blue dress on. "Hi, Naomi"The voice spoke softly and it walked closer. Naomi grew the strength to walk towards this familiar women, "Mom is... that you? Am I dreaming?" The lady nodded, "This is the only way I can connect to you, you are in a state of unconciousness. I am dead, but I know you are confused and I am here to provide you with some." A tear fell from Naomi's face "Why is this happening to me.. I did not ask for any of this, I tried to saty away from my other life. But it .. it is very hard." Naomi's words came out low but very clear. Her mother wiped her wet eyes , "I am sorry I brought you into a world like this, you are an Alkai. A powerful half deamon, you my daughter are to rule and be queens of others your kind. Derek which you already know is to be your king, your lover and someone you shall soon cherish only if you let yourself." Her mothers words on Derek stunned her but all she could do was nod. "I will keep coming back to you , but now you have to go. Your questions will be answer fully sooner or later." Naomi's eyes widen, "But I need help, I don't know how to deal with this." Her mother chuckled, "Soon my sweet child you will cope with everything that is happening. Soon." Her mother walked away and disappeared into thin air.

Naomi's eyes snapped open and she gasped for air as her eyes darted around this familiar room. "Naomi, are you okay?" Naomi knew that voice, that voice use to read stories to her at night. She darted her eyes to where this voice stands, she blinked her eyes many of times but the figure stood there as proud as can be. "Wha... No this can't be real... You are dead... THIS ISN'T REAL!" There was panic and pain in her voice, Naomi had a bewildered expression on her face. "No we are very much alive, calm down we have much to discuss but...." Grams words were cut as Naomi ignored her. "After all these years and not once did you think of letting me know you two are alive. Out of all people I expected better from. I can't even call you my brother, you were the one to help me. BUT YOU LEFT ME THERE ALONE, SCARED AND NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL I AM OR WHY!?!" Her anger rose as she stumped her foot she felt her anger be drawn through a connection. Then she smelt him, she smelt Derek his presence in the room was clear. She moved quickly in front of him and saw she had him at dismay.When looking in him she knew he saw her purple eyes. He must have saw anger, sadness, and all the confusion she had. He seemed to be searching her eyes, she felt love for him but soon blocked that feeling.

"You.. You need to explain yourself.. RIGHT NOW! You may have been in my life before but I want to know why you came back." She moved in closer and his body grew stiff,she had him speechless. Since he wasn't speacking she took it upon herself to snoop. 'A queens she shall be soon. She already know how to demand for things she want. It makes her incredibly sexy as well. Her purple eyes just are.. wow just stunning.' She grew alil angry with the fact he can think of her but not answer her question. So she raised her hand and brought it to his face, "I am talking to you, if you can think about me then open up your mouth and speak to me. WHO are you and why have you come back?" She planted her hands on her hips as she spoke. Naomi also saw the anger she conflicted on him and was satified. "Derek think about what you are going to say okay." Her grams voice spoke with ease and seemed to calm her down aswell.



Question, Answers and Compliications

Malahky P.O.V

I stepped forward and cleard my voice, " Naomi we are very sorry, we left you alone. We had to or we would have been putting you in more danger. You see when the fired happened me, grams and you were the only survivers. At first we couldn't find you but then grams tracked you down and we watched you from then on." I took a breath to get ready to speak again but Naomi spoke. "What is an Alkai? Mom told me thats what I was." 

"Mom? How did she talk to you? When did she talk to you? " The thought of mom talking to Naomi made my heart jumped. 'I wonder what mom told her, Naomi can't know everything.' "When I passed out we talked I don't know how but we did. But what is it?" "Well an Alkai is a speacial hybrid that is born every 300 years and is to rule for aslong as they can or when a new Alkai is born. You are to take over Dereks mother position and Derek or I are to take over his fathers position." Derek growled when I said I was to take over aswell, he never liked the idea of me taking his fathers place. "Derek is this all true?" She turned away from me and looked at Derek.

"Well yes it is but I do not and will never agree with your brother having the throne." I glared at him but he paid no mind to me. "Oh and he left out the part that me and you are destined mates. Right Malahky?" He had a sinister smile on his face as he looked at me. "If we are suppose to be mates then why was you fucking the mess out of my fri... Why were you fucking Joyce." 

Derek blinked, "Well I didn't want to kill her but I needed energy and I can also do it through sex. I did not know she was your friend until after you came into the house. I swear to you I did not know." Naomi stepped away from him and turned to grams, "What do you have to say for yourself?" I looked at grams and shook my head and she knew what I meant. There are just thing Naomi shouldn't know yet.

A deep growl was heard outside and then the building shook with anger. I ran to the door and opened the door to see five demons running to the cottage. "GIVE US THE GIRL NOW!"  They screamed all together, I glimpsed at Naomi and she looked pissed off. 


Naomi P.O.V

"GIVE US THE GIRL NOW!!" She heard some man say at the same time, their hearts she heard and they beated in a irregular pattern. She knew they weren't human. Her brother looked at her, she then looked at Derek and speeded to the door. The men stop and smiled an evil smile. Her clothes she wore burned and rage ran through her, she sprinted towards them and slit two of their necks. Three against one now, they fought one consitant of blond hair and was as fast as her and got a few punches at her and cut her arm deep. She howled and held her bleeding arm, "YOU DARE TO CUT ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" Derek was soon by her side and he bared his teeth as he snarled. He ran to the blonde at tremendous speed, punch ater punch the blonde threw but failed at hitting his target. Derek soon got sick of this and bit into his neck, the male screamed and shook as he tried to get free but soon his movement slowed down. Naomi saw his movements but soon went to fight the other two , she flipped and kicked one in the head and twisted the leg of an other but they still got back up and fought. A punch landed on her face and she fell, she felt weak and wonder why she was not healing. She looked up at this stranger and saw his vein pulsing rapidly and her mouth watered. She stayed on the floor and he came closer not knowing what she is planning to do. When he was a foot from her she jump up bent his head and bit his neck, the first splash of blood satified her very much, she sucked until his body went limp in her hands. She dropped the dead man and looked at the last one with a crazed look, "Are you next just like your friend? Are you willing to die for something you can not get?" She walked to him slowly, she saw he was young and was scared which made everything seem more fun. At Naomi great speed she was behind him and licked his neck, he jump around and bared his claws out but she was not there. She hit the back of his head with a log and he passed out. She felt eyes on her, she licked her lips and turned to see her brothers eyes wide and mouth open staring at her , Derek looked happy and very surprised. Grams  shook her head and looked at her brother with pleading eyes, this caused Naomi to cock her head to the side. Grams walked to the house and her brother quickly followed. She grab the boys arm and dragged him and saw the pleasing look Derek had on his face as his eyes roamed her body. She looked down and saw her 'naked body'. "Can you stop staring and come get this kid." She dropped his arm and went to the house, she stopped at the door when she saw a shining object on the door. A necklace hung off the night lamp on the door. She looked around and saw someone standing in the forest with silver eyes. In a blink of an eye it was gone. She picked up the necklace and walked into the cottage. A thud behind caught grams and Malihky's attention. A worried expression was placed on her grams face, "Whats the matter? Did I do something wrong?" Her grandmothers huffed and just walked to the stairs and went upstairs. Naomi sughed picked up the boy and tied him to a chair. She then went upstairs and into her room that hasn't changed one bit. She laid down and closed her eyes. Soon  she fell asleep.


Drake P.O.V

When Malihky passed out on the couch I crept upstairs into Naomi's room. She looked so beautiful sleeping, I walked closer and climbed into the bed. She automatically pulled herself into me and I stroked her hair. Smiling I entered into her mind to see what or if she was dreaming.


Naomi was practicing some fighting moves. Her body moved with great speed and she moved swiftly. She sat after awhile and she smiled when she saw Derek coming out of the water shirtless and wet. Her eyes roamed his toned body and she waves her hands telling him to hurry and come. He gladly jogged towards her and sat down he reached out and touched her cheek.  Leaning in she kissed him softly at first, but then his hand went to the back of her neck and pulled her in closer. Their kiss went from soft to a passionate kiss. He lifted her onto his lap and kept kissing her with urge, his hands roamed her body. Her curves fitted perfectly in his hands, he scraped his nail along her spine and she arched her back. Derek growled and started to kiss her jaw then her cheek, soon he was making a trail of hot kisses along her neck. Soft moans left her mouth as he nipped at her shoulder, he cupped her ass and pushed her into his growing member. She jumped alittle when she felt it. Her eyes were were a burning ember, her lips were a crimson color from their kiss. She purred and kissed Derek again, a smile formed on his face as he flipped them and now had her on her back. He made little circles on her stomach, it made her squirm and push against his dick. He groaned alittle but his hands crept up and touched her breast. He kneaded them and bit her neck softly but a little harder each time. She tried moving but he grabbed her arms and placed them above her head. He ripped her shirt off along with her bra and he stared at her. He leaned down and kissed around her chest. She moans and whimpered as Derek planted kisses on her chest.......

Derek was pulled from her mind when he felt a lot of movement on the bed. He opened his eyes to see Naomi face, he leaned up and smiled really big. "How dare you pick in my head. Why are you even in my room?" Derek couldn't speak he just leaned in and kissed her, she tried to resist him but soon gave in. Their lips moved perfectly together, she pulled in closer and he held her hips. He stopped kissing her and saw her blushing deeply, touching her chin she looked him in the eyes and they continued their kiss. He couldn't get enough of her, her scent surrounded him. He laid her down on the bed and licked her mark on her arm, it caused her to shiver. Derek planted kisses on her shoulder and her started to unbutton her shirt. She covers her chest quickly and looks away. "Move your hands Naomi, don't hide yourself from me." His voice rough and demanding as Naomi shakes her head no. Smiling he leans in and whispers, "Why hide yourself from me? You know you want me to touch every part of your body." Her hands slide away slowly, Derek kisses her cheek and slides down to nibble on her neck. Slowly he unbutton her shirt revealing more skin, he slowly kissed every part he saw. Naomi herself grew courage and unclasped her bra and slid it off. He stared and saw it was even better in person,he took hold of one of her breast and the warmth filled his hand. He leaned down and kissed around her nipple. In response her nipple hardened , she arched her back as she moan. Derek thought her voice was music to his ears. When she started whimpering he finally latched onto her nipple. His hand circled on her stomach and she looked at him with pleading eyes. Her squirming body wanted attention and he was not going to deny it. As he licked, sucked and nibbled on her nipples his hand trail down to her pants. He was impatient and ripped them off along with her panties. Her eyes widen and she crossed her legs, he latched on to her other nipple and bit on it. She screamed , and he uncrossed her leg. His hands found her clit and circled around it, her hips moved in the same rhythm and she purred and moaned. His hand moved further down and found her wet canal, he insert one finger and she arched her back. He moved his finger slowly at first but picked up pace, her head was shaking side to side. He knew how to work her body, he let go of her nipple and kiss down her stomach and when in between her leg he blew air on her pussy and she shook. She tried moving closer wanting his mouth on her body. But he moved away and nibbled on her leg. He came closer and then went back multiple times. "Please, Derek... Please.." She beeged and sounded desperate. "Please what baby, what do you want?" He kept moving his hand fast then slow, he kept her at the edge on purpose. "Please, make me.. stop teasing me please I can't take it. " "What do you want Naomi?" He nibbled at hert thing again, "I want to cum your killing me... Derek!" She screamed his name as he latcched onto her clit. She writhered and grabbed onto the bed sheets, she covered her mouth from the screams leaving her mouth as she came. Derek worked his tongue all over her, he lapped up her sweet juice his teeth sharpened and his hand speed grew. He brought her to many orgasm. Her body went limp, she pushed his head away from her sensative pussy.His clothes had burned off, he was naked and he leaned over Naomi and kissed her. She moaned at the taste of herself on his lips. Derek's dick poked at Naomi's pussy and she froZe and her eyes widen. "Derek... wait I can't... I'm a.. A." He stared at her confused but a bang at the door cut off what he was going to say. "OPEN THE DOOR NAOMI!" Malihky yelled from the opposite side.


"Shit... umm wait a second." Naomi franticly ran around the room in search of clothing. She looks in the mirror at her features and gasps. "Derek help meee!!" She whines as Derek put on pants and walks towards her. "Just breathe and think 'human'." He settled his hands on her shoudler and started breathing in and out slowly, she follows and soon is back to normal.


"NAOMI OPEN THIS DOOR NOW OR I WILL  BREAK IT DOWN!" Her brother boomed from the other side of the door.



Clear Understanding

'She is taking to long to open this door. I don't want to break it down.' As soon as Malahky was about to open the door Naomi swings it open and looks at him with concern,"What happen why were you screaming?" Walking into her room he peeks around her and see Derek smiling at me. "Thats why I was yelling, because I don't trust you alone with him. He is a bad influence on you and I can't see the same thing happen to you!!" Naomi looks at him confused and then looks at Derek," Umm, What are you talking about see the same thing happen to me? What did you see happen to someone else and who was this someone else?" Naomi spoke quickly as she looked at Derek and Malahky repeatedly. No one spoke they just looked at eachother, "Will anyone answer me? I AM TIRED OF SECRET BEING KEPT FROM ME!" Malahky was about to speak but Derek intervened, "Well you know your sister-in-law, well me and her use to deal with eachother. You see how today you needed blood in order to heal, well she was like that at first, after that she just.... Well lets just say blood took over her well being."

Naomi's eyes held shock and sadness,"You mean BloodLust?" Both men nodded, "Malahky what does Derek have to do with your wife going into bloodlust?" Malahky looks at her wide eyed and huffed, "Well you see I tried to warn her to not go with him because at the time all he did was get into fights and kill people. And since she wasn't part of the royal or connected to a Alkae she didn't have much control over herself. And I just... don't want to see you crave blood all the tiime. Even though you are Alkae you can still crave blood more and more. But instead of bloodlust you would just kill for fun."

She knew right now wasn't a laughing matter but she couldn't help it, "So thats why grandma was shaking her head. So if more fights come our way how am I suppose to stay strong?" Naomi looked at her brother and her brother sighed, "You will have to drink from your mate. Who is Derek unfortunatley." Derek looked amused as Malahky said that, turning to Naomi his smile faded. Her eyes were turning black and then gold and then back to her humans eyes. Rapidly it changed, everything was in slow motion when Malhaky saw him sister collapse to the floor. She shook violently as her eyes rolled back into her head. She coughed and blood came out her mouth. She screamed but everything was audible to Derek as he ran by her side and picked her up and disappeared. Grandma came into the room seconds later, "Wheres Naomi? Answer Malahky where is she?" He stood there shocked and staring at the spot she once laid. Falling down to his knees he saw the blood turn white, he knew exactly who and what did this.

He whsierped, "Whitches, they did this to Naomi."