Why Did I Make This?? And Who Am I?

Honestly I don't know why I made this! Just the thought of me having my own website with what I want made me make one. Plus I can post up my ideas and short or long stories and poems I write. But anywho, I am Vivica, I made this when I was 14 years old , I am now 16 years old. And a nickname for me is Munchkin.. I got stuck with that nickname because of my shortness which I don't mind. I've been told I am great writer but I say different. But the thought of people reading my stories encourages me to write. Hopefully people would read what I write up here aswell. One day I would love to have a poem or story of mine published. The thought of it makes me so... GIDDY! But for now it is just for entertainment. Hope you enjoy. :D